DragonSlayer Kennels is known to produce some of the nicest Miniature Bulldogs around.  DSK MiniBulls are the same quality as our larger bulldogs, only in a pint size form. Our Miniature Bulldogs grow to be 25 to 35lbs and stand about 9-11 inches tall at the shoulders.  DragonSlayer Miniature Bulldogs are great family companions, and are sure to capture your heart when you meet one..






Our Miniature Bulldogs are a very hearty breed. My bulldogs are much healthier and heartier than the average bulldog.  These bulldogs are able to breed naturally, whelp puppies naturally, and make exceptional pets and family companions. We breed our bulldogs first and foremost for health and temperament. We also x-ray the hips of our breeding stock, and improved joint structure is paramount. From day one in our breeding program, we have bred away from the issues that plague the modern day English Bulldog, such as Hip Dysplasia, Cherry Eye, and Demodex Mange.  This has resulted in a superior bulldog that we have become known to produce. These bulldogs have such great temperaments, they are very quickly becoming one of the greatest family bulldogs around! These truly are great looking bulldogs without the health problems. My goal is to produce the healthiest Miniature Bulldogs possible. At DRAGONSLAYER KENNELS, we are known for bulldogs with BIG HEADS, CHESTS, BONE, AND MUSCLES! Our Miniature Bulldogs represent us in the same way, only in a smaller package.  We specialize in low, wide, bully monsters that have that special WOW FACTOR that draws a crowd. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about our dogs. 





DragonSlayer Kennels

The Finest Miniature Bulldogs In Texas

Located 1 hour east of Dallas, TX

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